Sunday, 17 March 2013

PITCH Fashion Show 2012

Two years of full time fashion school studies culminated in PITCH, held on 24 November 2012.  An exciting night, I was really pleased to see how far I have come in my design and construction.  Here are some highlights from my mini-collection
matrix meets sherlock holmes - mens tailored suit
matariki gown - leather, silk with silk corset 
my man dress! merino, leather
kimono style wool silk jacket
joan of arc inspired outfit in wool, leather
my girls rocking the catwalk
silk gorgette, leather and merino coctail dress 

My draped garment - evoking 40's screen sirens
isn't she a sweetie?

So that's it.  My foray into fashion design.  Who know's where it will eventually lead.  Somewhere I hope!


  1. Oh WOW!!!!!!!! You have such an amazing talent!! My favourite would definitely be the screen siren draped dress! Stunning work! :) Hazel

    1. thanks hazel - didn't know i had it in me to complete all that work - my favourite is the draped dress too - had so much fun designing and making it!