Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Domestic Goddess on a Budget: How to Save Money and Time and Still be Gorgeous

50's inspired Apron

The lovely lady that i made this for is a bit longer in the torso, so i made it a bit longer in the bib.  It was a kitchen shower gift - so i included the book Domestic Goddess on a Budget, by Wendyl Nissen.  Amazing book! Highly recommend it - great for natural remedies, and cleaning products etc...The link is below:
Domestic Goddess on a Budget: How to Save Money and Time and Still be Gorgeous: This is a lively, user-friendly guide on how to get by on less without losing your sense of humour, your sense of style or your commitment to helping save the planet. Wendyl Nissen, New Zealand's very own budget-conscious domestic goddess, brings an entertaining and informative approach to everyday household activities, from cleaning your home with natural cleaning products - that you can make at a fraction of the cost of commercial cleaners - to turning your tiny plot of earth into a garden and furnishing your rooms with vintage furniture. Wendyl also provides lots of hints on how to reduce your grocery and power bills by adopting some of the habits and routines our grandparents grew up with.

PS - here is an apron i upcycled for gracie - the frill is from a pillow case, and the fabric is vintage - it is backed with ripstop nylon for messiness factors - which my daughter has a large dose of! 


  1. Yay looking good. It looks fun and easy to read. Look forward to seeing more

    1. thank you Diana - lovely to get some feedback... :)