Monday, 25 March 2013

a treasure trove

I found one today - the city mission op shop (or thrift shop/charity shop) in town, has a room to the side - and in that room is a little shelf.  On the little shelf, I found  sewing treasures.  See:
I was soooooo excited - but slightly nervous about how much i had racked up.  So I tentively popped everything on the counter, and to my utter surprise was charged $5 for all of it.  The gorgeous vintage patterns, zips, bias binding, metro threads, snap domes, bobbin case, embroidered linens, buttons, and my favourite find - the bias binding maker.  That is the metal thing in the foreground of the photo, lying on a hand written note.  Some lovely old dear has written instructions for DIY bias binding.  SOOOO excited - now i can easily make my own - handy for buntings, and edging bibs for baby gifts....
The patterns will join the 300+ i have stashed in my cupboard - (thats one of my slightly addictive habits!)

Thats my excitment for the day - in fact it will keep me excited for at least the next week! :)


  1. Hi Justine! that happy finders feeling is great isn't it!
    like you i would have been pleased as punch to find a bias binding maker, and now i have an idea what one looks like for future op-shop galivants!
    i love your header photo, it gives me excited 'i love new zealand' goose bumps!
    great to have you linking up to op-shop show-off, i hope you'll be back.
    have a great weekend x

    1. Thanks Max - I was sooooo excited to read all about your op shop finds! Its fantastic to find people as excited about opshops as i am - and I will be at the bloggers gathering here in chch next week - look forward to meeting you!
      The pic on my header is one of our fav camping spots - on the coast north of kaikoura - we had a bonfire on the beach at new years and celebrated with fireworks too - beautiful NZ!
      :) Justine
      ps - i am going to go op shopping during down time of the bloggers gathering, you are most welcome to tag along!

  2. Am loving that pattern in the middle. Could totally wear that today!

    1. Yes I would like to have a go at that pattern one day! It looks rather cute!

  3. Great scores! LOVE getting a big stash of stuff for a fiver! Nice to meet you.

  4. I must say the Op shops in ChCh are better (and cheaper) than here in Wellies.

  5. yes....I have heard that from other wellingtonians! I am super keen to go op shopping when there are quiet moments this weekend at the bloggers connecting conference - if you are keen :)