Tuesday, 19 March 2013

aprons and gumboots

It was definitely a kitchen day today - lovely soft rain fell all day, which is great for our drought stricken earth.  It rained whilst i was picking peaches, collecting eggs and harvesting veges from the garden.  Which meant it was an apron AND gumboots day!  (I quite like aprons - and gumboots just top off the Domestic Goddess look!)

Anyhow, whilst finding my preserving recipe for peaches i got a wee bit distracted by jam.  And ended up making 2 jars of gorgeously red raspberry jam - courtesy of Alison Holst's recipe.  A lot quicker and simpler than i remember and a good quick fix.  Which then led me onto making a jam jar cover. Here it all is:
my hand dyed, upcycled doiley jam jar cover

Next on the menu was a Moroccan orange syrup cake - with almonds, eggs, breadcrumbs and rind of orange and lemon - then the fun part - pouring orange/lemon syrup infused with cinnamon over the top, waiting for a few minutes then tasting it....A citrus symphony i have to say...especially with a bit of cream drizzled over.  I found the recipe on Pinterest:
Moroccan Orange Syrup Cake

Dinner was a garden medley - courgette and feta quiche, with sweet corn and steamed beans.  Lovely to have an abundant garden...thanks to my lovely man, his army of worms, the compost he creates, and my chookies (chickens), who do a fantastic job with weed control and fertiliser.

I have tried a few quiche recipes, and quite like this one, as it has a brown rice crust, which is a bit more filling for my rapidly growing kiddies...
herbed zucchini and feta quiche

Here's hoping more rain falls on our poor parched earth.  And it was just the excuse I needed to try new things in the kitchen!

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  1. brilliant! we have sooooo many courgettes here needing using up, and feta in the fridge...