Friday, 22 February 2013

Today is for remembering....

And taking time to be thankful for what we have, and looking forward to the future.  I filled the road cones along our street today with pretty flowers from my elderly neighbours section.  Her house was damaged beyond repair in the February 2010 earthquake, and had to be demolished.  Her family moved her into a home.  I think she would have liked her flowers to brighten up our road cones today...

22nd February 2013 
Two years on from the earthquake that changed our lives forever

Arohanui e hoa ma, Kia kaha Otautahi


Thursday, 21 February 2013

sorting the sewing room

so the sorting of the sewing room has begun.  Its rather slow and arduous - the first to find the recycling bin was a whole lot of textile notes.  I don't fancy textile technology overly.  Next came lots of PAD and Illustrator notes - my least favourite subjects at Fashion School.  After filing all the design and patternmaking notes, i started on the fabric.

And, not surprisingly, inspiration began seeping out of the fabrics.  Aprons were being formed in my design mind, and here is a pic of one of them underway  (I took the photo on a strategic angle to avoid the crazy mess that still inhabits most of my sewing room). The frill at the bottom is from a frilled pillow slip - I might just put some along the top of the bib, for a bit of extra frilly shabby chic!

Next on the sort pile are my doileys - this is where it gets a bit scary - I have MASSES of them - too scared to count them - might have to admit i have an addiction!  So out of that sorting came a cushion cover, to cover my rather tired cushions and freshen up the colour scheme in our lounge.  I used a dyed pillow slip, a dyed napkin and a doiley for this one.  Loving the colourway!  The back is envelope style to avoid a zipper, and has some lovely machine embriodery on it, with a scalloped edge...
so the sorting has commenced.  I am excited to see what else comes out of it :) J