Saturday, 9 March 2013

Autumn Harvest

My lovely man harvested more tomatoes from his glass house today, and made tomato sauce - I have to say it is the best batch yet - all because of the tomatoes hubby informs me - its been a bumper crop!
And that is not all that has been fruitful this season - our peach tree is laden - to the point where we had to tie it up and prop up some of the branches because of the weight of the crop....I had one today and it tasted like sunshine and dew all mixed together...
our beautiful peach tree

so I found a recipe for peach and almond tart - as they are members of the same family, I figured it would be a great flavour combo...peach and almond tart is a BBC Good Food recipe
Will keep you posted on how this turns out - it is filling the house with wonderful aromas...

The refreshing of my cushions is also on the creative menu this week - I thought i would share a picture of my latest refashion - the centre cushion is entirely upcycled from the table napkin backing and the hand embroidered table cloth front to the zip i took out of the tired previous cushion cover...
my new cushion covers
 Its lovely to breathe new life into beautiful linens that have been discarded in an op-shop.  The hours of work someone has lovingly devoted deserves to get a second chance to shine!  The cushion on the left is fabric i picked up at Spotlite - which was a surprise, I have to say.  Not often they have such funky fabric.

Off to get the tarts out of the oven - with a verdict to follow... :) J

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  1. update to the peach and almond tart - nice, however needed more flavour - so I added 1 teas of almond essence. Next time i will pop more fruit in too. Also the pastry was too crumbly, so would add 2 Tablespoons of chilled water instead of 2 teaspoons :)