Saturday, 16 March 2013

bunting fun, and gracie

my 6 yr old is nearly 7.  And very excited about it. She has also discovered buntings, and has decided she wants a fairy one for her rainbow birthday party.  I happen to have some gorgeous Cicely Mary Barker fairy fabric that will do nicely, so am eager to get that underway.

However, back to Gracie - she sounds awfully girlie doesn't she - but actually she isn't.  Up until about 5yrs, skirts were totally overrated - they got in the way of her biking and climbing trees, and we were lucky if we could get her into anything except shorts - even in the middle of winter.  In fact often in her earlier years, naked was her favourite outfit.  Thankfully her pre-school was understanding!
Anyhow, I thought I would show you one of her recent designs.  I gave her an old A3 sketch folder and she has been keeping her designs in it (because she is going to be a designer like her mummy when she grows up - cutey!)
Rosie the Robot, by Gracie aged 6 and a half
Next is a picture of my first attempt at a bunting.  I decided to go the upcycled route, so included are thrifted things - an embroidered tablecloth, floral sheet, vintage lace and a dyed pillow case.  I am quite pleased with the result, and think that this will be my giveaway for my redflax page on facebook - in celebration of the fact that I have passed the 500 mark of followers on Pinterest - we are a multi-social media society nowadays aren't we :)

upcycled bunting loveliness 

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