Thursday, 18 April 2013

poppy has bumblefoot!

which sounds quite cute, but it really isnt - its a bacterial infection of the foot, that requires surgery - which is costly, especially now i have worked out 3 of the 4 chookies have it.  So i had a browse online and found that i could perform said surgery.  Bumblefoot surgery - sounds dodgy doesn't it.
surgery  time
So in a slightly nervous state i prepared the operating theatre, aka the laundry.  Hubby moved as far away from the area as humanly possible, whilst i went to fetch poor poppy, whom by this time was painfully limping...
poppy before bumblefoot surgery
And then i proceded with surgery.  At this point i am going to put a lovely picture of a chocolate cake i made a few months ago, when the berries were ripening (just to distract you from thinking about bumblefoot surgery too much!)
After a moment of head between the legs faintness, and several deep breaths later, surgery was complete, and Poppy emerged, not much worse for wear...She even managed some porridge, with echinacea tincture, brown sugar and rescue remedy mixed in for good measure...
all bandaged up and enjoying her porridge
Now i only have 2 more to deal with....(Which is very good motivation to keep their perches clean and change the sawdust more regularly!)    :)


  1. Crikey your brave!!! I just got two chooks and an rather alarmed by the number of ailments they are suceptible too. I just read an account of treating egg boundness and now this...ick! Bumblefoot, sounds so quaint, presumably named as they 'bumble' around-funny!

    1. yes i wonder if that is why it is called bumblefoot? - i did nearly pass out i have to say, so not as brave as i hoped! But Poppy is looking ok - just had to treat Charlie Cook and Brown Sugar too, so getting better at it!
      Hopefully your chookies will be full of health - they are pretty good really, as long as they are kept clean and given a good range of foods....I have some good tips on clipping wings and worming etc if you ever need a hand - happy to come over your way - helped Deb with her flock before - LOVE chookies, they are gorgeous pets. :)