Saturday, 6 April 2013

My little princess is turning 7

Finding this cushion for 50c, in the Dogwatch Opportunity  shop, I almost didn't buy it.  Stained and dated, it looked quite miserable amongst its discarded buddies.   But something made me go back for a second look.  It was duly paid for and stashed away for a year or so in my 'pile of potential projects' (popp's).
 thrifted frilly pillow about to get a makeover
With Gracie's 7th birthday approaching, I re-discovered it, whilst rifling through my popp's.  Miss nearly 7 had spotted the tinkerbell fabric on one of our fabric shop excursions....Me being partial to fairies, let her have it.  I then went back and matched it with some gorgeously soft chenille minky spot fabric (which i have to admit, i have spent quite some time stroking!)  Gracie also finds soft fabric irresistible  and when she first started talking, would call anything soft 'duggy'.  Which i think was her version of 'cuddly'. After washing, removing the frill, tracing the shape and sewing it up, Gracie now has a cute wee pillow with 'duggy' backing.

 She proudly took it to show and tell at school  (I think that discarded cushion would be the envy of its opshop buddies now!)
On tucking her in after a fun-filled day, I found she was sleeping on her new heart cushion - her cheek snuggled into her 'duggy' fabric. :)
So it was time to whip up her birthday cake - carrot cake with pink cream cheese icing and a rainbow, was my design brief, so this is what I came up with:
Gracie's Birthday cake
I think I fufilled the design brief ok!  Lucky Gracie is having a family party and a school friends party this year - to make up for her meant to be special 5th birthday, which was rudely interrupted by earthquakes.  So I will have 2 opportunities to play with rainbow designed cakes...Will post up my second attempt too.  :)