Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Part 2 of rainbow birthday party cake

this is my second attempt at a rainbow birthday cake - due to gracie having 2 parties - one for family and one for school friends...
rainbow cloud birthday cake
The rainbow is just a paper one with card glued between it to stiffen it.  The fluffy meringue type icing is 3 egg whites beaten till stiff, slowly add sugar syrup (caster sugar dissolved in water and boiled down), and beat till glossy.  Then add whatever food colouring - I used blue for the cake and left the cloud just white.  It works well, but some of the syrup did separate out from the egg white and pool at the edges of the cake.  Also the icing is quite sticky so needs to be stored in cool place, and preferably eaten in one day as it is raw egg.  Found the recipe in a cool DIY kids cake book i got at a local op shop some years ago...Love the effect for clouds and sky!
Gracie dressed up ready for her party
It was rather lovely to see gracie getting dressed up for her family party (she often prefers practical clothes) - but chose her flower girl dress I made her for her Uncle's wedding in England.  And she found the party hat at the local $2 shop to top it off :) Cutie...
rainbow streamers and rainbow coloured balloons

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