Monday, 23 March 2015

Oversew update

Its almost finished! Can't quite believe i actually got to this point - only about 5hrs ish of construction to go, then off in the post and fingers crossed... Here is a peak at the jacket thus far
I have added the final details to the trousers (buckle closure above the zip and leather detail on the pocket to tie it into the vest) - as well as taking the leg in, as i figure the grungey look needs to be reasonably slim fitting. Happy with them, however i think the knee pads are slightly too high? Not sure where exactly they are supposed to be, but when i wear them, they are slightly above my knee. Hoping the outfit reflects leather and lace - the tartan is pretty bold, so not sure if i have reflected the theme as well as i could have. Great learning process though! And actually really enjoyed working with leather, so i am keen to have another go at this sometime this year. :)

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