Friday, 20 February 2015

oversew update - tartan trews

After 3 late nights the tartan trews (trousers) have taken shape. All that's needed now is hemming - however i am laid up after a wee bit of surgery to remove a dodgy mole on my arm. As i one handed type this, i am hoping that said arm is all better shortly, as i have also got the fifties frock for the Timaru fashion show to finish and post by next tues. Fingers crossed! :) Anyhow - the trousers had to take a creative turn when i realised i didnt have enough length in the skirt to cut the pattern. So they have morphed - padded knees and a join in the back, to make it look like they are meant to be like that - I reckon it adds to the grunge/biker look i am going for though. Nothing like a little upcycling to practice a bit of design innovation. I have used the original skirt yoke for the trouser yoke, and added an inseam pocket for cards and cellphones to fit into. There is an chunky exposed side zipper to add to the grunge look. Really happy with how they turned out! As to the leather vest, the lace has finally arrived, so i have managed to get a bit further along with it. Still a way to go, and certainly pretty tricky! Will update once i am back sewing.

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