Monday, 2 September 2013

father's day fun

lots of creativity happening at present - and fathers day was a great excuse - the kiddies and i made a list of daddies fav foods - one being carrot cake - then we came up with the idea of putting a bonfire on top of the cake with some marshmallows toasting around it...As it is one of our favourite family things to do, especially on the beach up at Kaikoura...We actually lit the candle and toasted the mini marshmallows! Yummy!
the flames are dried apricots and the wood is a flake bar
Tarn added some minifigures to represent us
opshopped books ready for daddy!
Daddy has been getting more into novels lately, so i came up with the idea of getting a pile of opshopped 50cent bargain action/political thrillers (Clive Custler, John Grisham etc) and gift wrapping them...
So after breakfast in bed, we took off to Taylors Mistake beach with a picnic of daddys fav foods, and had a fantastic time exploring, walking, playing on the playground, and paddling (although crazy wee gracie stripped off and had a chilly swim!)  Great, not so consumeristic way to celebrate Father's Day...

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