Monday, 2 September 2013

dream journal DIY

My first workshop with Youth Town went well today.   I am doing a mixed media journal workshop - so I thought i better do a practice run beforehand, and then thought I might share the fun!
You will need:

  • A hardcover journal (I got mine from the $2 discount shop)
  • Gel Medium (like Modge Podge, or Reeves Gel Medium)
  • Paint brushes
  • Fabric (non stretch and not pile fabric like velvet - fine cotton is best)
  • Embellishments (lace, ribbon, brads, buttons, charms...)
  • Ribbon (if you want a bookmark)
  • Needle and embriodery thread (if you are using more than one fabric)
  • Stamp + pad (if you want to add stamps)

Firstly, work out what fabric you are using and measure enough to cover the journal, with an inch spare all around to fold over.  Add any lace or embellishments before sticking the fabric to the journal.  Decorative split pins, ric rac, ribbon, and buttons are all great to use.  (Best not to stamp onto the fabric until after the first coat of gel medium is applied.
Got my supplies all ready - dug into my fabric stash and
found these lovely vintage cottons...
Stitching up the fabric with embriodery thread
fabric is now ready to stick to the cover
Once you are happy with how your fabric looks, paint a generous amount of gel medium onto the journal (paint the back first, stick down the fabric, then do the spine, then repeat on the front cover).  Make sure you place some wax paper between the covers and pages to stop the medium sticking to the journal pages.  Now place your fabric onto the journal and smooth it out, getting rid of any air bubbles.  Make sure it is straight and even.
Applying gel medium to the fabric cover
Now apply a layer of gel medium over the top of the fabric cover.  If you have any lace, ric rac or other raised embellishments, make sure you put a generous amount of gel medium over these to help them stick down and create a seal.  Sit the book up on top of a plastic bag and let dry.
folding the flaps over and sticking them down with gel medium
 Once the cover is touch dry, you can trim the corners off the fabric and fold the flaps over to the inside of the journal.  Stick the flaps down with some gel medium, then paint more over the top to secure them.
drying the finished journal on some wax paper,
(the red ribbon i attached at the top for a bookmark)
 Stand the journal up to dry completely - this will probably take overnight, and will  become clear and shiny.  If you want to do any stamping, this can be applied when the first coat is touch dry.  To seal stamps, add another coat of gel medium.
This is Gracies finished journal cover, showing a stamp she
chose.  The second coat of gel medium is drying

Gracie chose to add silver stickers to the corners of her jounal, and used heart shaped brads under the ric rac.  The inside covers of the journal look a bit rough - so you can cut some coloured craft card to compliment your journal cover and stick it to the inside covers to cover up any raw edges.  And that's it.  easy ay! Time to start journalling your hopes and dreams...

ps - here are some of the journals from my workshop:

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