Monday, 2 November 2015

Did I mention the carving studio?

Actually no, I haven't. Surprising as it took up a year of my working life. I was lucky enough to be given the task to help get a carving studio up and running at my youthwork job in Aranui. The local carver Raph, had been volunteering there since 2006, and was happy enough with the van shed out the back. However an opportunity arose post earthquakes to get a shed repaired through insurance. An investigation of funding sources showed it was viable so we set about making the shed into a purpose built community carving studio. And thanks to Creative New Zealand, Red Cross and Canterbury Community Trust (now called the Rata Foundation) the studio opened its doors in April this year. And its had a bit of attention too - appearing on TV and newspapers.

Raph designed the logo which refers to his Samoan cultural heritage, and is about the steam from the cooked food that permeates its environment. My friend Alanna popped it into illustrator for us and got it looking all flash.

Its great to see that from a disaster opportunities can arise like this one, that help foster community well-being through creativity.

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