Monday, 4 May 2015

Inherit - Freedom Fashion

What started as a project at Fashion School 3 or so years ago, has quietly reimerged as a creative outlet. Inherit was the label i created for a branding and marketing project. After finally taking some of my work into Clockwork Emporium, I realised this label could lend itself to the steampunk genre. Bit more suited than redflax methinks! The tag line 'Freedom fashion' goes with the upcycling theme rather nicely too So here is the very first creation for Inherit. One thrifted Portman's jacket and a petticoat. (Got a bit excited and took off the grey buttons before i had taken the initial pic). Anyway, I added some lace and brass buttons, waved the magic upcycling wand and out came Mistress Morganna's steampunk travelling jacket (or something like that). Pretty happy with it. However I have to fight my overactive imagination in this design process. The difficulty for me is to keep it simple. If I am going to sell my creations they need to not take me many long labourious hours, or its just not worth it. So I have the sage advice from a former tutor floating in the recesses of my mind "You need to edit, edit, edit!" Too many ideas and tangents is my design nemisis. Perhaps 'Inherit' will help me 'tame the beast.' We shall see.

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