Sunday, 1 June 2014

14 creative projects for 2014

In an attempt to find more motivation, i have come up with 14 projects that i would love to complete this year. A rather lofty goal, especially as month five is already underway. However, I am getting rather frustrated with my lack of creative output. Admittedly I do have family, work, EQC repairs and life in general going on - but in a recent personality test i completed, it was rather apparent that i thrive when creativity is a big part of my life. Another big theme that emerged was living in the moment - something i am definitely needing to be mindful of - and practice - (which sounds crazy, but is easily forgotten in a fast paced world.) However back to the matter at hand - creativity. I have been journalling about family/work/life balance lately...and mulling over my time management. Where do I invest my energy? Most of it goes to my family - which is pretty reasonable at this stage of life. The rest of my emotional output mostly gets sucked up by my youth work job. Which is ok most of the time, and really hard some of the time. When the ‘some of the time’ hits I have to manage myself more carefully - get more sleep, say no to extra stuff, and somehow find time to recharge. A delicate balance - one that i am still working out how to achieve. And somewhere in all of this lies my creativity. It also became apparent in journalling that creativity is woven into my day to day life - baking, cooking dinner, family walks on the beach, doing crafts with my daughter, playing lego with my son, choosing colour schemes for the house, photography, and coming up with creative ways to teach young people about emotional coping skills, and negotiating the sometimes rocky journey of adolescence. It was also apparent that most of this creativity involves giving to others. Which is a pleasure most of the time - and really hard some of the time. And that is another reason I came up with my list. Having some more tangible goals to work towards that are mainly focussed on doing something creative just for me feels slightly selfish. Which probably comes from being a mum for the past 9 years and getting so used to giving out more than I get back. But I need to keep reminding myself that it’s actually self-care. A phrase that can be quite foreign in the world of parenting young children, and in our somewhat hectic schedules of life and work in general. Furthermore, if creating just for pleasure, and just for me, helps boost my emotional reserves - it will actually result in more capacity to creatively give to those around me. So will 2014 be the year of 14 creative endeavours? That remains to be seen. One thing 2014 is already becoming is a year of being more mindful of where my creative energy is being focussed, and what i am doing (or not doing) to boost my emotional reserves.

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