Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Frock Stars Rock!

I randomly came across Frock Stars last week.  What a find!!! Some lovely ladies in Fairlie who have an op shop have come up with the fantastic idea to hold a competition with some of their 'ikky' old op shop frocks.  So I now have 4 weeks to transform my frock into a thing of beauty - there are different categories - children, non dress item, street wear, evening wear and day wear...

Eveningwear just happens to be inspired by fairy tales this year, so that is where i am heading.  At the moment i am floating somewhere between the lady of the lake, and the little mermaid.  Here is my frock to begin with:
my lovely polyester op shop dress
in all its pleated polyester glory!

The label says for young women of all ages!?!?
and its made in NZ 
so who knows where this one will head - I am excited to find out what lovely creative journey Frock Stars will take me on! Oh and here is the link to their website:

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