Thursday, 20 June 2013

Tirohia atu nei ka wheturangitia Matariki, te whetu o te tau!

"Look above beyond the horizon and there you shall witness Pleiades, sign of the New Year Happy New Year!"

Wow - I can't quite believe Matariki is upon us again - the excitement of a new year, and the fun of trying to spot Matariki on the horizon - which is usually done sitting on our rooftop huddled under blankets...Although we are not quite brave enough to venture up to the rooftop tonight, for fear of being blown off!
It is also an excuse to get crafty with nga whetu (stars).  Gracie had lots of fun designing these stars to use as a Matariki table setting.

Matariki is slowly gaining attention in Aotearoa – nowhere else in the world has this unique celebration, so we need to embrace us, and celebrate our uniqueness as Pakeha and Maori living together in Aotearoa.

So tomorrow night’s celebrations will involve gathering with my sisters whanau, having hot soup and bread, decorating more stars, and tucking into a Matariki themed chocolate cake for dessert (which I have yet to create!)  So to you and yours this wintry new year - 

mihi o te Matariki, nga mihi o te Tau Hou

Happy Matariki, happy New Year…

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