Friday, 3 May 2013

recreative workshops

They've been buzzing around in my mind for the past 4 or so months, so i feel its time to set them down to paper, and clear some room in my thinking spaces....

Running workshops has always been a bit of fun for me - i LOVE to wander along with people on a learning journey - I started with workshops in South Auckland when i was a trainee Social Worker at a youth centre - and just to make sure i got in at the deep end i started with sexual health workshops.  It was interesting to say the least! Moving onto christchurch I moved into youth mental health and wellbeing workshops for students and youth workers..
After a few workshops at Hands Craft store in Christchurch, I got really inspired to run remade/upcycled/refashioned workshops.  4 yrs later, i now have a tiny bit of space to do that.  Now comes the how what where who and when bit.

WHAT:  For this bit i went through my past creations, and came up with some that could transfer into workshops:
meet molly the morepork...
upcycled pipi apron from men's shirt
upcycled bibs from tablecloths 
upcycled bunting from linens
girls ucpcycled 10 cent mixture dress from women's skirt
upcycled fabric hair ties
upcycled reversable headbands
upcycled boys pants from mens shirt
upcycled down under christmas stocking
vintage inspired apron
upcycled/new material frilly pipi apron
So that is the what....The WHEN will be dependant on finding a venue, but hopefully a mix of daytime ones for mummies, and evening classes...which is also the answer to the WHERE???
The HOW will be about going through and making up instructions for each workshop, with a list of materials, and the WHO will be finding an audience who are interested in handmade, eco friendly, DIY funkiness...

WOW! its nice to get that out of my head... :) Justine

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