Thursday, 21 February 2013

sorting the sewing room

so the sorting of the sewing room has begun.  Its rather slow and arduous - the first to find the recycling bin was a whole lot of textile notes.  I don't fancy textile technology overly.  Next came lots of PAD and Illustrator notes - my least favourite subjects at Fashion School.  After filing all the design and patternmaking notes, i started on the fabric.

And, not surprisingly, inspiration began seeping out of the fabrics.  Aprons were being formed in my design mind, and here is a pic of one of them underway  (I took the photo on a strategic angle to avoid the crazy mess that still inhabits most of my sewing room). The frill at the bottom is from a frilled pillow slip - I might just put some along the top of the bib, for a bit of extra frilly shabby chic!

Next on the sort pile are my doileys - this is where it gets a bit scary - I have MASSES of them - too scared to count them - might have to admit i have an addiction!  So out of that sorting came a cushion cover, to cover my rather tired cushions and freshen up the colour scheme in our lounge.  I used a dyed pillow slip, a dyed napkin and a doiley for this one.  Loving the colourway!  The back is envelope style to avoid a zipper, and has some lovely machine embriodery on it, with a scalloped edge...
so the sorting has commenced.  I am excited to see what else comes out of it :) J

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